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Cupping Therapy

Using negative pressure to create a positive result. Cupping therapy is an ancient therapy that uses suction therapy to help resolve chronic muscle tightness and pain, increase circulation.


Excellent for boosting the lymphatic system and draining toxins from the body; Good for reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks; Recommended for sportsmen post-workout for muscular recovery; Beneficial for those suffering with common illnesses (colds, flu, general aches and pains); Possibly boosts weight loss as it removes excess water; Relaxing and comforting for fatigue and anxiety sufferers; Reduces blood pressure as it boosts circulation; Can help reduce headaches and migraines by working on pressure points to remove energy blockages in the body. During your session, a therapist will position a suction cup over specific treatment areas, producing a vacuum effect that helps improve overall circulation. Lie back, take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation as it spreads throughout your entire body.

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